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Tithonus is not your average rock band. Born from the American grunge scene, this Antwerp noise band brings a mix of awry guitars and raw vocals. Always wanted to experience Nirvana in a dingy bar when they were still unknown? Tithonus comes very close.

Founded as a two-man project by Ben Overlaet and Jan Van Woensel, Tithonus only really discovered itself with the addition of Dave Overlaet on bass. After Jan left Tim Jamée joins Tithonus, resulting in the promo album Safe.

In 2015 Tim leaves Tithonus and they go back to the original line-up with Jan as drummer. This culminates in the self-titled EP Tithonus, which will be released in the spring of 2016.

If I may give some good advice: you better keep an eye on these guys.

Mathias Bex, Luminous Dash

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