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"Tithonus [...] took me back to sounds that inspired a life style I adopted in my early adulthood. Eyes closed I would have sworn I was listening to something so familiar, like Sonic Youth and Nirvana had a baby and called it Tithonus" (Julie Hecquet. A fan).

"I think Tithonus is an amazing band and is going to catch us all by surprise!

Can't wait to hear more music from them!!!!" (Christie Hails

"Make sure to check them out, it's worth it!" (Snoozecontrol)

"Thanks to this ep we know what to wish for in 2022: more Tithonus." (daMusic) 

TurnUpTheVolume about Insane:

"Insane is a diabolical grunge-blues sucker punch going forth and back, up and down, quiet and loud, sane/insane. It is a mid-tempo bass-fueled blast, reminiscent of Nirvana's rowdiest moments and Kurt Cobain‘s primal screams. Tithonus will put a spell on you, whether you like it or not. Hell yeah!


Tithonus is an alternative rock band best described as non-conformist, alternative, raw, coarse and not afraid to fly in the face of public opinion. Still, they are far from boorish. Many of their songs have different layers, instrumental pieces and soundscapes that will draw you in, take you away and bring you back. Maybe.

A (very) brief history

Two friends started an experimental noise band that would eventually be called TITHONUS: Ben Overlaet (guitar & vocals) and Jan Van Woensel (drums). They recorded and self-released two songs: Movements and I Want to Disappear into the Black Back of the Night Watch.

Later, they made a 70 minutes long noise composition which was recorded on their first public appearance: a show in an old industrial building. Jan called it The Secret Session. (Ben: guitar, bass and vocals & Jan: drums, guitar and vocals.) They played gigs in Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven, Watou, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg and Oslo.

Later Ben's brother Dave joined on bass.

After a while, Jan decided to leave the band to work on his own music (Pilots and Waves, Cult of Slaves) and Tim Jamée replaced him. They recorded Safe in 2012. In 2016 Jan came back and they recorded Tithonus followed by several gigs in Belgium and the Netherlands. Eventually Jan left again and the band knew three more drummers before Tim rejoined. With him behind the drums they recorded their latest EP G R I T .

Unfortunately, Dave promptly left the band, leaving Tim and Ben to fend for themselves. Fortunately, bass player Lander arrived on the scene, allowing them to continue as a trio. 

The band are:

Ben Overlaet - guitar & vocals

Tim Jamée - drums & backing vocals

Lander Dankers - bass

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