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Review of our self titled and second EP:

It all started when two friends, Ben Overlaet (guitar) and Jan Van Woensel (drums), decided to make music together [...]. This resulted in two songs: Movements and I Want to Disappear it the Black Back of the Night Watch. They played shows in Berlin, Oslo, Brussels, Leuven and Antwerp. Their 70 minutes long noise compositions was recorded live in an old industrial building. Jan called it The Secret Session
After a few years Ben's brother Dave joined the band as bass player. Their songs got a bit more structured - although noise elements remained. When Jan decided to leave the band to focus more on his other projects (Pilots & Waves and Cult of Slaves) Tim Jamée replaced him. [...] After three years Tim decided to leave and Jan rejoined the band. They've just released an EP and we took a close look. Our findings.

The cross-pollination between grunge and noise rock is the common thread throughout the ep. Phantasmagoria is an approximately two minutes long instrumental song, in which an impressive wall of sound is approaching us. [...]. Beefcake , with a vocal contribution that reminds us of Kurt Cobain, feels like Nirvana has embarked on an experimental trip through the grunge scene. Like a whirlwind, hard and relentless, guitar, drums and vocals rage over our heads.

Cuts starts with an intimate if not tranquil atmosphere. [...] Twinkling guitars and a floating, gentle - almost whispering - voice calm our hearts. But gradually the tempo increases to the beats of stirring drums. All this while the haunting intensity is preserved. We experience a goosebumps moment [...]. Hurricane sounds like those typical rousing guitar and drum lines that made the grunge genre so great in the mid 90's of the 20th century. But Tithonus is definitely not 'just another band that brings out grunge elements' - they reinvent the genre and give it a new breath. Just listen to the technical yet experimental undertone.

Closing song Compulsive Sarcasm is a more than six minutes long groundbreaking cross-pollination that leaves us one last time completely astonished. This song knows intimate moments and pruning climaxes. But most of all it brings us into a trance. Tithonus indeed pushes boundaries within the global grunge scene. As a result, this band can be seen as innovative. 
We were impressed so be sure to check them out, it's worth it!

Snoozecontrol, 2016

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